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TOS Clones were developed and manufactured by a number of third parties in the mid-to-late 1990's, in the period after which Atari had withdrawn from the personal computer market but during which there was also a significant (albeit diminishing) remnant user base loyal to the platform. Less active development of clones has continued to today (2011).

All of the clones manufactured since the demise of Atari's computer production fell firmly into the category of higher end machines, in the space where the next generation of TOS machines would have emerged had Atari continued. These machines were based on the 68040 and 68060 processors, and generally had open hardware architectures (at least in comparison to the Atari-built computers) much like contemporary IBM-compatible PC's, with PCI expansion slots for peripherals and upgrades, and 72-pin simm slots for RAM expansion.



  • Firebee Coldfire project, as of 2011
  • suska Wolfgang Försters Experiment-S leaded to 3 different classic Atari boards (STE implementation)
  • MIST - the MIST is a FPGA board of the Atari ST.