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The Atari Coldfire Project (ACP) or (FireBee) is a volunteer project that aims to create a modern Atari computer compatible with the TOS Family. The Firebee is based on a Coldfire CPU and it will be much more powerful than any previous TOS clone


The first batch of FireBee boards was produced in 2010 and are availaible for developers and power users since then. An official FreeMiNT setup was done 2011/12 and shipping to end users started end of May 2012.

The specifications are:

  • Processor: Coldfire MCF5474, 266MHz, 400MIPS
  • RAM: - DDR: 512MB Main- + 128MB Video- and special RAM on Board,

- Speed: 80MB/s, - Static: 512kB, for DSP and others, 200MB/sec

  • Flash: 8MB on Board for Operating Systems
  • Operating systems: TOS/MINT/RTOS Pearl/Linux

Atari kompatible interface ports:

  • TT/Falcon-IDE,
  • ST/TT-Floppy
  • TT-SCSI (but faster),
  • ACSI
  • ROM-Port: 2x2mm Connector
  • Printer,
  • ST/TT-seriel,
  • Midi,
  • ST-Sound (mixed to line out and mono out in the AC'97)
  • ST/TT/Falcon-Video over DVI-I (analog and digital)
  • Atari-Keyboard with Mouse

Other Ports:

  • DVI-I (analog and digital)
  • FireBee Video Modes (normal digital max.168MHz, analog if desired max.128MHz):

- All Monitors 60Hz: 1600x1200 max - TFT Monitors 60Hz: 1920x1200 max (reduced blanking)

  • Ethernet 10/100, 1 Port
  • USB 2.0 Host (uPD720101),

- 1 Port internal, - 4 Ports external, - 2 external Ports with high Power (500mA)

  • Compact-Flash, 1 Port
  • SD-Card, 1 Port
  • AC'97 Stereo Codec with DMA-Sound Output and 48kHz Sampling Input
  • Sound Connectors:

- LineIn, - LineOut, - Mic (Mono), - DVD/CD internal

  • PS2 Mouse/Keybord Port
  • Game Port
  • PCI 33MHz 3.3Volt direct Edge for passive backplane
  • Power and Console controller with real time clock, PIC18F4520
  • Extension socket: 60Pol (DSPI 33MBaud, seriel sync or async about 33MBaud, 26Bit I/O about 133MHz, I2C-Bus)

Battery Powered (standard about ½h, more if desired) Planed extensions in the future: Falcon DSP in the FPGA Format: Card 90mm x 260mm x 20mm



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