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Following obtained from : http://www.medusacomputer.com/thes-hades.html

The Hades is the new computer of the Medusa Computer Systems. Hades offers you TOS-compatibility. As to the processor it is possible to put in the 68040 or the 68060. It is possible to have up to 1GB RAM (EDO or normal)!

Hades offers series and parallel like Atari ST, the second series of the Atari TT and LINK. Forhermore there is a bus (like the Atari Falcon) for SCSI, TT and EIDE.

On principle Hades is supplied with PCI-bus Rev. 2.00. A graphic card ATI Rage Pro 8MB is installed in the equipment of the computer. The basic equipment is 32MB RAM and so it is only a little bit slower than the Medusa. The Hades knows ST-RAM, which works at the same speed as the current TT-RAM.

The Hades is the first TOS-compatible computer which has 4 PCI-slots. The PCI-bus was pushed through by PCs and Power Macs and has a very quick transver rate. E.g. for quick graphic cards, netcards and SCSI-controllers.

Hades is deliverd with a PC-keyboard and a mouse. The mouse is based on Atari-standard. It isn't possible to use Atari laser printer, but if you really want to do this you can buy a Medusa computer, which supports this. In the Hades we kicked this out because of old Atari standard. We use also PC-keyboards because of the less expensive price and the easy availability of getting them.

Technical data of Hades
The interfaces are directly implemented onto the board, you don't need any extra cards for these ones.

  • 4x PCI-bus
  • 2x ISA-bus
  • 1x VME-bus
  • 1x EIDE (endhanced IDE) with max. 10MB/s for 2 devices
  • 1x SCSI with max. 4MB/s for 1-7 devices (TT compatible)
  • 1x floppy (DD/HD/ED) d.h. max 2.88MB
  • Modem 1 (25pol. Dsub-connection) with max. 19'600 baud
  • Modem 2 (9pol. Dsub-connection) with max. 230'000 baud
  • Local talk (8pol. MiniDin) with max. 230'000 baud
  • Printer 25pol. Dsub (TT/Falcon-compatible)
  • Midi-In/Out
  • PC keyboard connection (standard)
  • mouse and joystick (Atari compatible)

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