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The Atari STacy

The STacy was released shortly after the Mega ST and was Atari's first attempt at creating a portable ST. The STacy shipped with TOS 1.04 and it's hardware very closely followed the ST upon which it was based.


  • All in one design incorporating CPU, keyboard and case
  • Built-in monochrome LCD screen, meaning ST high resolution was available only
  • Integrated track-ball
  • Optional internal SCSI hard drive


The STacy shipped in 3 models:

  • STacy = 1 MB RAM, 3.5-inch internal floppy.
  • STacy 2 = 2 MB RAM, 3.5-inch internal floppy, 40MB SCSI HD.
  • STacy 4 = 4 MB RAM, 3.5-inch internal floppy, 40MB SCSI HD.


An extra floppy drive could be installed instead of the internal hard drive.


While the STacy was a competent ST, it was not successful commercially. The STacy suffered mainly from a short battery life and a fairly heavy weight of 15lbs/7kgs. These issues were addressed in its successor, the ST Book