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ST Replay by Microdeal / MichTron in the U.S, is believed to have been commercially introduced in 1987. One of the very earliest Samplers for the TOS family, it is an 8-bit Sampler which is capable of mono sampling frequencies between 5 kHz and 31 kHz. There were 3 ST Replay versions irrespective of sub versions, ST Replay, "Replay 2" and "Replay 3", all commonly known as ST Replay. It was also the first in the series of Microdeal's Replay Samplers.

ST Replay Screenshot.png ST Replay.jpg


  • Name: ST Replay
  • Type: Sampler / Sample Editor
  • Sample Format: 8 bits
  • Sample Rate: 5 to 31 kHz
  • Sound Quality: Mono
  • Hardware ADC: Yes
  • ADC Connection Type: Cartridge Port

--Atari74user 23:16, 2 March 2016 (CET)

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