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The Atari ST-PAD is a portable Atari computer which combined the Atari TOS operating system with PenOS features to allow a user to interact with the tablet using a special electronic pen (a light-pen) instead of a mouse. The LCD is not backlite and uses the same Epson Custom Module (ECM) as the Atari STBook laptop. The unit is a 8Mhz 68000 CPU system with 1MB of memory, no hard drive is contained within the unit, instead high density RAM cards were to be used for storage, two custom card slots are located on the unit and well as a flip-up storage area for the electronic pen. Ports include external keyboard via RJ-11, serial, parallel and what appears to be an external bus connector. It was also possible to connect a keyboard to the ST-Pad.

The ST-Pad was never released. According to Atari there are not enough people who want such a computer.

Released 1990
CPU/Clock speed 68000/8 MHz - 16/32-Bit
ROM: 192 KB
RAM: 1/4 MB
Display: built-in LCD-Display (640*400)
Text display: 80*25
Resolution: 640*400 2 colours, 320*200 16 colours
Colours: 512
Sound: 3 channel Mono (AY-3-8910)
Operating system: TOS 2.05 (mod.)
Interfaces: MIDI, RS232, 2*Joystick, Monitor, ROM-Port
Storage: 2 custom ram card
Keyboard: Pentop

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